Web Application Assessments

Our Web Application Assessments

Web applications are very enticing to corporations.

Over a decade there has been drastic growth in use of web applications for a variety of industries and business domains, including e-Commerce, e-Learning, Analytics, Finance, Entertainment and more.These Apps provide quick access to user-friendly interfaces and deployment to remote users is effortless. For the very same reasons web applications can be a serious security risk to the corporation. Unauthorized users can find the same benefits access to corporate data.We know you need to ensure to have secure web application meeting the global demand through proper assessment.

Web Application Assessment is neccesary as web application vulnerabilities account for the largest portion of attack vectors outside of malware.Therefore it's crucial that any web application be assessed for vulnerabilities and any vulnerabilities by remediated prior to production deployment.

Web Application Assessment will provide you the vulnerabilities in your online applications, whether a public website serving your customers or a third-party supplier interface into your corporate customer relationship manangement.


Our Assessments , security audit techniques

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  • Our Assessments include security audit techniques to identify potential threats such as a weak authentication, insufficient error handling, sensitive information leakage.
  • Our Security audit execution process will help to discover and subsequent mitigation of these issues will limit the attack surface of services available both internally and externally as well as satisfy compliance with any relevant policies in place.
  • We Provide an accurate view of your website security posture as presented to potential attackers.
  • Our Services analyses security loop holes in your application at various levels and report the same to you. We are always there to fix those security loop holes for you to make sure your site is stable and run smoothly.

We aim to meet the customer requirement by conducting periodic risk assessments and tweak to security programmes to adapt to the ever-changing security environment