Network security Assessment

Our Network security Assessment

Today in the phase of constant evolution, it's imperative for an organization’s stakeholders to have a thorough understanding of their IT infrastructure, and maintain a clear road map for improving its security posture. This means companies must be able to verify edge devices,network and ensure that systems are patched and kept up to date.There is need to undergo network security assessment to have flawless networking environment.

Network Security Assessment will help to take preventative measures to protect the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification,modification, destruction, or improper disclosure. It also addresses your general internal/external security concerns.

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Methodological testing techniques, configuration setting, and policy reviews

  • We have combination of methodological testing techniques, configuration setting, and policy reviews, as well as interviews with your personnel allow our team to determine the overall strength of your networking solution.
  • We help you to control and maintain secure networks within organization, by performing network security audits using scanning and penetration tools over the IT infrastructure environment.
  • We provide the countermeasures and defenses including instrumentation, metrics and auditing.
  • Our Network security assessment approach helps your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance.
  • We Keep track of the systems, applications and databases on your network and their associated vulnerabilities throughout their life-cycle and evolution.

We also do wireless environment assessment for identifying vulnerabilities and errant configurations ,validating existing controls and prioritizing high risk findings and remediation techniques.

Our approach includes combination of automated tools and human analysis that look for technical flaws or vulnerabilities that a potential hacker may exploit.We aim to meet the customer requirement by conducting periodic risk assessments and tweak to security programmers to adapt to the ever-changing security environment.