Telecom Security Consulting

Telecom Security Consulting


Network Security Assessment helps in to take preventative measures to safeguard the infrastructure from internal/external unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure.

Our Services include:

  • Methodological testing techniques, a configuration setting, and policy reviews
  • Wireless environment assessment for identifying vulnerabilities and errant configurations validating existing controls and prioritizing high-risk findings and remediation techniques.

Matrix Shell Provides Following Services in Telecom Security Domain:

  • SS7 & Sigtran Security Assessment
  • Diameter Security Assessment
  • GRX Security Assessment
  • Signalling Firewall Rules Testing
  • Air Interface Assessment
  • IPTV Penetration Testing
  • VoLTE and Fixed IMS Penetration Testing
  • FTTH Service Assessment
  • Compromised Assessment

We’re aiming to provide our clients with the best service!

Our Methodology

Our team members work dedicatedly to review analyze and recommend robust solutions. Every penetration test follows our Robust Cyber Security Solutions (RCSS) proprietary process on clients systems and applications and we also offer to report as per the client’s desired format for enhanced security.

Our aim is to reveal hidden threats, vulnerabilities and conduct necessary actions to eliminate or reduce threats.

Our methodology includes:

Planning and execution

Our professional team designs and conducts penetration tests and run a full series of hand-crafted simulated attacks against your systems and applications. Penetration tests are designed to eliminate or reduce cyber intruders from an amateur teenage hacker or malicious assaults by highly veterans. Our dedicated team can identify the most likely vectors for attacks and eliminate the same.

Guidelines for engagement 

We are highly professional and offer well-defined documentation for all professional engagements.

The document details out ground rules about systems, ethical hacking, penetration tests, and compliance. This is done in order for mutual protection and security.

Reference Check and Research your employees

In order to eliminate vulnerability, we conduct a reference check and research your employees through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sources such as social networking sites, online trade journals, and others.

Through this, we gather clues about potential usernames, passwords, roles-based privileges, and other information.

Hand-crafted penetration attempts

Based on the research and results of the prior tests, our team of experts would devise and conduct hand-crafted penetration attempts to determine areas of weakness. Based on the results our team would analyze the area of exploitation and reverse engineering for robust security systems.

Reporting and recommendations

We provide detailed documentation for the entire penetration attempt vectors, detailing the types of tests that were attempted, the status of their success or failure, any discovered issues and the resultant risks (sorted by priority), and suggested remediation efforts.

In order to address your comments and feedback, we may provide draft and final versions of the report.

We follow guidelines from external organizations such as GSMA, ENISA , OWASP (Open Web Applications Security Project), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM).